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Event Essentials Spotlight: The Importance of the Stage & Podium

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The stage and lectern are an immediate upgrade to your event giving an instantly professional look to your set up. A stage finished with a black skirt and steps together with a stylish lectern will make a strong visual impact. Together with lighting, they will create a mood of expectation in the audience that a show or performance is about to happen.


The stage is meant designed to elevate the viewer's pleasure. What is the purpose of a stage? It is to elevate so the audience can see those who are delivering a presentation, reading, lecture etc. In other words, it is for viewing pleasure. But the stage is not just about elevation. It is a space set apart as the place where performance will be given. Of course, the theatrical stage is physically different from the regular stage but they share one defining purpose: they are a place where action happens. Those who find themselves on stage, be it for a product launch, presentation, are actors. When speaking, the voice is modulated and intoned. When gesturing, it is done with expanded movements just like theatrical actors. Naturally, this similarity increases when there is more than one person making the presentation. There is often banter and humor that passes between the presenters which can only be described as theatrical.

Pick the Right Lectern

For presentations and readings, a lectern is ideal. You might feel that it is pretentious to use one. That it is only for college lecturers and priests. Get over this. If you’ve worked hard on a presentation or a book for a book launch, then you are worthy of a lectern. Besides, lecterns these days are stylish, minimalist pieces so they are not so obvious and will suit your modesty. You won’t have to worry about how you will appear to your audience. As well as being a place to stand at while you are speaking, the lectern is also a good place to keep your notes. It makes a reading or presentation a lot more comfortable. For many people public speaking is nerve wracking. The stage doesn’t help this but the lectern does. It is something to hang on to, almost literally, while speaking.

Lectern & Stage Rental in NYC

They don’t require much technology, but a lectern and stage can make a big difference to your audiovisual set up. They will enhance your presence and raise your status more than any piece of technology. People have been using them for many centuries and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If everything else breaks down, the stage and lectern will be there for you so you can finish your presentation in comfort and still make an impact.

If you’d like to find out about our range of stages and lecterns then give us a call or contact us online.

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