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AV Rental For Film & Television

Rental Express has been working with the film and television industry for more than a decade to produce truly one of a kind shows. We provide full-service rental for both indoor and outdoor film & TV sets in all 5 boroughs of New York City and the tri-state area. Our experienced technicians will deliver, assemble, and remove your production equipment, as well as provide onsite technical assistance. We pride ourselves on being a premier event rental supplier for all major NYC film and TV production companies. We have the capacity of assisting you in all of your studios on and location production needs. 

We have extensive experience in film and television equipment rentals as New York City's premier rental house. Major studios and producers choose our equipment and services for hundreds of projects each year. We regularly provide equipment for red carpet movie premiers, commercials, music videos, short films, photoshoots, documentaries, and TV shows. We enable our client base to do their very best work by crafting innovative and cost-effective solutions for every project in the pipeline. 

Serving All of New York City And The Tri-State Area


Rental Express has been serving a wide range of clients in the film & television industry for years. We have been building our massive inventory and perfecting our production services to meet the needs of the city's growing film schedule. 

Stage - Drape - Audio Visual Rentals For The Event Industry

Rental Express has worked with leading film and television production companies that choose us for exceptional products and professional services. As our company stocks thousands of feet of staging, soft goods, and other equipment, we can meet the unique and creative needs of each client in the film industry. Producers and industry professionals rely on us for equipment rentals as well as our logistics / technical services to produce one of a kind events and eliminate the hassle of working with multiple vendors.


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