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The ULTIMATE Audio Visual Checklist

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Do you have an event coming up soon and unsure of what you should do for your audiovisual setup? Well, we are here to help.

The following is the Ultimate Audio Visual checklist of what you should consider to make your audio visual set up is perfect for your event. A good audio visual setup is all about the planning and the preparation – and a checklist like this that makes it easier to bring it all together.


The below is the definitive audio visual checklist to help you plan your next AV show. The first point, which goes without saying, is to book your audio visual rental early so that you can secure the equipment and resources you need to put on the event seamlessly.

After that, make sure you consider all of the following:


What size display will be needed?

Will we need multiples?

What size is my stand?

Where will it attract the most attention?

What is the best screen location?

Where will it attract the most attention?

What type of display will work best flat screen or projection?

Will it need to be touch screen?

Wall-mounted or floor stand?

Portrait or Landscape?


Is sound required for presentation?

Will we need a microphone? If yes wired or wireless?

How many speakers will we have at one time?

Is there a moderator?

What microphone will work best - handheld, lapel, desktop, goose-neck, or other?


Will a stage be needed for the event?

What dimensions - length, width, and height?

Will we need skirting and if yes what color?


Is lighting required?

What type of lighting will work best for my event?

Will any custom lighting products be needed like gobos?

Will there be any special effects?

What kind of rigging options are in place at the venue?


What is our power source?

Will we require any specific cabling?

Will we require any specific peripherals to connect to existing equipment?

Will we need on site support throughout the event?

How far in advance does the venue permit for set up and strike?

What are the load in and load out regulations?

We hope the checklist above will serve to be useful to you whenever you’re running your next audio visual event. For any equipment rental needs or if you have any questions please call or email Rental Express.

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