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Medical / Pharmaceutical Industry Event Rentals

Rental Express has been working with the medical and pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade with our conference/ medical event rental services. We service the pharma and medical industries for events like meetings, presentations, conventions, seminars, and training sessions. Our massive catalog of equipment rental products provides us the capacity of assisting you in industry events of up to 4,000+ guests. Our experienced technicians will assemble and disassemble your rental equipment, as well as provide onsite technical assistance. 

Serving All of New York City And The Tri-State Area


Our medical conference rental service gives you the opportunity of working with one vendor for everything you would need for producing the perfect event or conference. For restaurant events, the atmosphere can be crucial to a guest's experience. 

Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceuical Conferences

The expertise that Rental Express has developed in the medical meeting world has translated very well to our clients in the healthcare fields. The combination of attention to detail, critical communication skills, and the strict budget requirements have made us a natural fit for the hospital and healthcare industries. We work in a variety of roles for our clients and provide unmatched service. 


Some of our services include:

  • Conference Planning & Management. 

  • On-Site Conference AV’s Services

  • Technical Consulting & Venue Planning Services 

We also provide live event webcasting to allow you to reach a global audience well beyond your live audience. Live streaming is the way to deliver a widely distributed message to those people who were not able to attend the event live. We also offer video production to create a digital recording of live events. These can be live streamed and distributed as per the client's needs.  Technical support for your live conference events is a vital offering that gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on the vital goals of your conference. We work on floor plans, logistics, staff coordination, branding, promotion, and provide all of the technical expertise for your meetings and conferences. 

Event Rentals for the Medical Sector: Events We Support

  • Training Sessions

  • Conventions

  • Symposiums

  • Pharmaceutical Meetings

  • Medical Product Launches

  • Virtual Conferences

Stage - Drape - Carpet - Audio Visual Rentals For The Medical Industry


Rental Express has been serving a wide range of clients in the medical industry for events in New York. We have been building our stock and perfecting our operations so you can expect to find extraordinary rental options from our massive inventory. With more than 10,000 rental products to choose from, we can make your medical event conference/convention a massive success.   

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