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Your Guide to Projection Screen Rentals in NYC

There are many types of projection screens out there but usually, when renting, people go for either a tripod screen or a fast fold screen. Tripod screens are your standard roll-up screen with built in legs. They have the advantages of being portable and able to fit many aspect ratios. Width is commonly 4,6,7,8,9,10 feet with our 7' scree being the most popular. Fast-fold screens are tensioned screens that have a foldable aluminum frame and an extremely flat surface. They can be used for both front and rear projection. Rear projection has the advantage of being a neater and cleaner setup. Rear projection flat-fold screens can be incorporated into stage sets for conferences and events. They can get large, but they are always lightweight. Your perfect size will always depend on how many people are in your audience, Contact us for more information on sizing for fast fold screens available in stock today for your next event.



What size will my audience be? Again, the bigger the crowd, the larger the screen.

What resolution is your content and your projector?

Do you want a freestanding screen or a custom installed hanging screen?

Do you want front or rear projection?

What is my available throw distance?

How high are the ceilings?

Simple and easy projector screen rental. Rental Express has over 25 years of experience and have come across every type of setup imaginable. Give us a call at 212-655-0556 and we will provide you with the best possible equipment rental options for your next event.

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