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The Ultimate Guide To Microphone Rental

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

There is no such thing as the one size fits all microphones since they all sound different, and they all have their uses depending on the application.

Condenser mics are popular with musicians as they work well with acoustic instruments and drums. Providing good sensitivity at all frequencies, condensers are active mics, which means the power supply is required when they are in use. Tell your rental account rep exactly what you are hoping to do and make sure you get the right mic for the application. Here’s an in-depth overview of microphones so you know what to look for when renting a microphone for your next event.

What you need to know...

Types of Mics:

Handheld microphones offer great sounding durable and practical solutions for the majority of live performance situations. They are great sounding durable and practical solutions for the majority of live performance situations. They can, however, be ineffective for other scenarios such as presentations and theater, where a more discreet and usually wireless solutions would be more practical. In this situation, you could consider one of the following:

Wired Microphones These are the most common mics supplied with PA system for general vocal use. This simple reliable option is easy to set up and includes a 20' XLR cable and boom mic stand. Our wired microphone rentals require an additional power supply to operate.

Wireless Handheld Microphones Wireless mics are ideal for people who move about a lot on stage, which makes them the perfect solution for presentations.

Wireless microphones can be moved around freely, without having to deal with stumbling over cables. These microphones require a transmitter and a receiver in order to broadcast sound. In general, handheld wireless microphones contain a built-in transmitter, whereas headset and clip-on microphones include a cable that attaches to the belt-pack transmitter.

The transmitters for both types are powered by batteries.

It’s also necessary to set the transmitter of the broadcasting microphone and the receiver to the same channel. Make sure that when you are using more than one wireless microphone, the transmitting and receiving channels are set differently for each microphone. Ideal for people who like to move around the stage a bit whilst speaking making it a popular rental mic for a wide variety of functions.

Wireless Headsets and Lavalier Microphones

As the microphone is stationary, the performer or presenter can move freely, without restriction, and the microphone will still pick up an even and clear sound. Lavalier – A similar option to headsets, with the added advantage of being discreet. A lavalier microphone can easily be positioned in a costume or attached to suits – a great solution for theater or presentation applications where a discreet PA is necessary.

Microphones worn on one’s head are called headsets, while microphones worn on clothing are called lavalier microphones. Either can be used so that both hands are free. Headsets are often used while singing or dancing, while lapel microphones are often used by presenters on television. There is no limit to the number of wireless kits that can be used at one time, however, it goes to say the more wireless kits in use the more expertise is needed to ensure a smooth event. Headsets offer the advantages of keeping the ‘hands-free’ at all times and also keeping the microphone location the same distance from the mouth whatever way the speaker moves. This makes wireless headsets and lapel mic rental ideal for demonstration applications.

Headset mics and lapels are perfect for all outdoor events. The headset mic is attached to the head whereas the lapel mic is worn on clothing not far from the mouth. Both leave the hands free and ensure that the mic is the same distance from the mouth, at all times. The headset is particularly good for musicians/dancers whereas the lapel mic is often used on TV presenters, but both are excellent for demonstration purposes.

Gooseneck / Lectern Microphones

The gooseneck is a microphone that is typically used on a podium or desk. One of the big advantages of a gooseneck is that a speaker can be a small distance away from the mic and still be heard. Gooseneck/lectern microphone rental is ideal for speakers who like to lean back while speaking.

The gooseneck mic can be attached to the lectern, podium, or desk to provide a comfortable solution for those who like to lean forward and back while speaking. Goosenecks are relativley sensitive microphones which means your voice can be heard even at some distance from them.

Renting the right kind of microphone is important if you want your event to succeed. If you are still worried about this, then why not give us a call today at 212-655-0556 or chat with us online to discuss the best microphone rental options for your event.

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