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How to choose a monitor size?

A quick guide to help event planners select the right monitor rental:

A very common question we get is "what size monitor do we need for our event?" Below you'll find a quick guide to help event planners select a monitor rental for their events. We stock dozens of monitors in sizes ranging from 19 inches to 110 inches, so no matter what your event calls for we'll have you covered.

Trade Shows & Conventions

Monitors are often rented for trade shows and conferences as digital signage. For a standard trade show booth, a 32-50'' HD monitor will be an ideal size range depending on your booth configuration. You have the option of using an included table stand or an optional floor stand for positioning the monitor.

Small to Medium Size Audiences

For small and medium-sized groups and venues, we can provide multiple monitors at any size you prefer. The monitors can display a presentation or looped video and be connected to run simultaneously throughout the venue and during the duration of the event. For smaller audiences of 7-15 people, 42''-55'' size ranges will be ideal. Monitor sizes ranging from 75'' to 90'' will be ideal for groups of up to 50 people.

If your next event calls for a monitor rental contact us for a free and easy quote.

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