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Your Guide To Event Lighting

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Event lighting is more of an art than it is a science. An engineer with years of experience will make the lighting setup look really easy. Understanding the customer's needs is essential in creating a perfect lighting installation for your next event.

Lighting Basics

Each event is different. Some events are outside. Some are inside. Some are going to be filmed. Some events will feature a presentation or keynote. Some will have live entertainment.

How do you choose the lighting for such diverse events? Here are a few basics to think about.

Make Sure You Have Enough Lighting

Always choose enough lighting to properly light the entire event space. Lighting needs will change drastically between indoor and outdoor venues, the time of day, and what the event will be focusing on. If in doubt, test the lighting multiple times in the venue around the desired times of day the event will take place. The lighting has to be bright enough to allow event attendees to comfortably navigate the area.

Event Lighting Arrangements & Control

Unless the event is nothing more than a large party, chances are the lighting isn’t going to stay static. You are going to want to change the brightness of some lamps, but not others, to draw focus and create the proper mood. You need to be able to arrange the lighting in a way the draws focus and set the desired mood for the venue. You also need a way to control the lighting, most likely with a technician we can provide.

Lighting For Filmed Events

If the event is going to be filmed, extra precaution needs to be taken when staging the area. Lighting needs to be positioned where it won’t shine towards the camera. Likewise, light needs to fully fill the space that is going to be filmed. There also needs to be enough directional and floodlighting to eliminate any shadows. Don't forget cameras can only see a small dynamic range. The lighting needs to ensure that the camera won’t stumble upon a dark area that could force the camera to open or close its iris and darken or wash out the picture.

Other Equipment

You also need to take into consideration what other equipment is being used at the event. If the event features a lot of projectors, a good diffused, dim lighting might be the best route to go. Likewise, if the event is featuring a band, you might need special effects lighting that won’t blind the audience.

The hardest part about putting up the proper lighting is understanding the way light spills into space. Take time to critically think about what your event needs. Make sure you choose lighting that will fit the needs of the venue, not provide too much or too little light, and make sure the lighting is able to be controlled.

In general, some popular lighting equipment rental options include moving heads, spotlights, LED pars, strobe lights, lasers, etc. Lighting is used for decoration in any event and leaves the audience awestruck. These equipment play a major role in the aesthetics of any event. One advantage of the lighting is that there are no constraints or preset rules to use them. One can get as imaginative as they can with this lighting equipment. Lighting equipment is used for illuminating the place or a building in order to create a mesmerizing effect. Bad lighting, in any event, kills everyone's mood and the event becomes dull while a proper illumination leaves a good impression on everybody. People enjoy even more at your event if your place is properly illuminated. There is various lighting equipment available these days. One just needs to have the proper plan and execution of placing equipment in the right direction. Our lighting equipment has a range of varieties that can turn your event into even a bigger and magnificent party. Be it any kind of event ranging from a fashion show, wedding, concert, anniversary, birthday, or anything we will provide perfect lighting best suited for your event.  We not only rent lighting but we give you proper assistance with our professionals to fit them right for your event. Contact us anytime and get your lighting at the most affordable price in NYC. We are on par with modern lighting and give you the best and reliable rental lighting equipment in NYC. We test all equipment before renting them to avoid any situation of break down or failure. We provide you with full assistance in order to make you satisfied with our work.

If you’ve any questions about event lighting feel free to contact us.

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