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Do You Need AV Help For Your Next Event?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

When planning your event the AV component can be the most time consuming and confusing to plan. Depending on what’s involved with this event, an internal debate may surface about whether or not to consider AV equipment rental or to simply hire a company to handle all such concerns.

Level of Complexity

An AV equipment rental might be the best course of action if an event has any technological aspects attached. Having highly-trained professionals on-site that can address any technical question in an efficient manner makes life considerably easier for event planners.

Size Matters

Some events might be based in a more intimate location where the audience that attends will be small in nature, while others could take place in huge arenas. No matter the size of your event, Rental Express has the solutions to any technical needs your event can call for.

Who's Responsible?

Renting AV equipment is your least expensive option. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our crews have experience working in the most popular event venues in NYC. They are well aware and familiar with the sometimes stringent and standing rules regarding load in and load out.

When it comes to the responsibility we are liable for offers less expensive options, the reality is that you have to trust that those setting it up are responsible enough to care for the property. That’s because once all your equipment is delivered, you’re liable for any damage that might be sustained from any number of possibilities. That can end up wiping out any cost savings and could be prohibitively expensive if equipment ends up having to be replaced.

Hiring Express alleviates such concerns since our workers possess the know-how to get things set up safely and efficiently. If something breaks or is damaged, we’re 100% insured up to $10,000,000 per occurrence.

Finally, renting means takes away the hassle of getting things set up in the first place and then breaking it down when things conclude. Time is a precious commodity that might be better served in moving forward the agenda of your event.

Questions to Ask

Simply choosing the first AV company you see is a recipe for disaster. Instead, you need to investigate whether or not a company has a proven track record, offers the flexibility of rental or running everything, and can work within your budget.

In addition, how long a company has been around offering a window into their level of experience. Meanwhile, familiarity with the venue in question can be vitally important as can the availability of a company’s staff to be on hand to address potential problems.

The Best Choice Either Way

Rental Express is your trusted event vendor that can meet your needs, whether it involves audio, video, lighting, stages, or any other event rental equipment. So if you need AV equipment rental or want us to handle your event from A to Z contact us today at 212-655-0556 or click on the live chat icon below.

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