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A Quick Easy Guide To A/V Connectivity

Traditionally we have connected computers to display devices using VGA connectors. Audio, if required, was connected through RCA jacks. Over the years, image resolution has been increasing and we are able to display crystal clear graphics and razor-sharp presentations. As resolution has increased, the shape of our content has moved from traditional ‘square’ 4:3 to widescreen HDTV 16:9.


The newest offering for the best quality video is HDMI. HDMI sends picture & audio down one cable and can deliver higher resolution ‘High Definition’ signal to an HD display. With tablets, portable devices, and Smartphones omnipresent, wireless connectivity is becoming more common. Wireless presentation devices can be attached to displays that allow you to wirelessly connect one or multiple devices to a single display. This technology should be well tested in advance of any event and some tablet device functionality may be limited. The wired HDMI signal is typically limited to 15 feet. The signal can be distributed over much larger cable lengths using video processors.

AV Connectivity – What You Should Consider

When you are booking an AV rental with Rental Express consider the following:

  • What is the audience size?

  • What type of content you are displaying?

  • What source equipment or devices are you using; Apple Macbook, Blu-ray player, tablet or even mobile phone

  • What resolution is your content?

  • what connectivity is available on the source device & on the display device

  • How far away is the display going to be from the source?

  • Are you using multiple displays?

  • Is wireless connectivity an option or a requirement?

  • Are you using any video processing equipment?

If you have any questions about AV connectivity we are always happy to advise, call or email us now

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