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The guide to choosing the right projector & screen package.

Screens and projectors are commonly rented by organizations for private gatherings, demonstrations, corporate meetings/presentations, awards shows, and conventions.

The following factors will decide what projector and screen package is right for you.

Audience size

There’s a right screen size for different sizes of audiences. For audiences of up to 100 people, we suggest our portable tripod screens in the sizing of up to 100''. For larger audiences, our fast-fold screens go up to 28 ft and support front and rear projection.


Every projector is given a lumen rating which tells you the brightness of the projector lamp. The lumen level is normally a factor when using a venue with large amounts of existing light. But in a darkened room or evening event, a lower lumen projector can be effective for smaller audiences. We will provide the projector model with an ideal brightness for your particular venue/

The type of content presented

The type of material you’re presenting will determine the appropriate resolution for your projector. The higher the number of pixels, the sharper and more detailed the image will be. All of our projectors are HD quality and compatible with any HDMI device. Our standard projectors will work perfectly for PowerPoint presentations and other slideshows. For high-quality HD video viewing our large venue projectors will provide a perfect crisp Ultra HD image.

Lens Throw distance

This is the distance between the screen and the projector. This is normally an important factor when the distance is either very long or very short. We can help you make the most of your venue and select the right lens for the exact distance you need.

Contrast ratio

The larger the contrast ratio, the greater the ability of the projector to show subtle color details tolerant extraneous room light.

Audible noise

Projectors produce noises because of their fans. Most projectors are no louder than a normal computer, but some are very quiet producing a low 25dB. This is an important factor for home users as fan noise could distract from the movie.

Your budget

No matter your budget, we have a projector that fits your needs. Contact us so we can offer tips regarding your specific floor plan and set up. Our vast experience inside various venues like convention centers, hotels, ballrooms, and restaurants will allow us to give you the most for your budget.

Are you having any trouble finding the right screen and projector? We want to help you by giving the right advice, just contact us to get professional help making a decision on your next projection equipment rental.

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