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Elmo Document Camera Rental

Elmo Projector Rentals - Document Camera Rental - Visual Presenter Rentals.


If you have documents that need to be enlarged for presentation purposes, this is the rental for you. It is perfect for courtrooms or classrooms. Document cameras are used to display high-resolution images or documents to audiences by the use of an Elmo projector and LED projector.


Ideal rental applications:

Courtrooms - We service all courthouses across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island.

Lecture Halls - From public schools to universities elmo rentals are perfect for classrooms. 

Business Meetings - Any business meetings across New York City and the tri-state area. 

Industry-leading presentation equipment like Elmo brand visual presenters, HD projectors, laptop rentals, and UHD TV monitors are available for rental to complete your presentation setup. We offer full service 24/7 technical support for all equipment to guarantee optimal performance.

We work directly with the court clerks and on-site staff to arrange installation ahead of trial. Our rental time periods are flexible and can be customized based on the duration of each trial.

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